Guideline - LPX Coastal

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Guideline LPX Coastal is the next generation fly rods for coastal & predator fishing featuring environmentally friendly, high-end components and production processes

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ModelLenghtClass  Weight Parts    Handle              Rec. head weight
LPX Coastal 9359´ 3"#5 90 g    4 pc  Full wells w butt  11-13g / 170-200 grains
LPX Coastal 9369´ 3"#692 g4 pcFull wells w butt13-15g / 200-230 grains
LPX Coastal 9379´ 3"#794 g4 pcFull wells w butt17-19g / 260-290 grains
LPX Coastal 908#895 g4 pcFull wells w butt19-21g / 290-325 grains
LPX Coastal 9010#10108 g4 pcFull wells w butt24-26g / 370-400 grains
LPX Coastal 9012#12116 g4 pcFull wells w butt31-34g / 480-525 grains
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