From left to right : Denis, Manon , Paulo, Martin, Louise, Tony

Paulo Levasseur, father – Then a resident of the village of Saint-Léonard d'Aston (Centre-du-Québec), he discovers the pleasure of growing up « fly up », alone and quiet during these free hours at work and in the basement of his house. In 1984, the business principe that is the strenght of the compagny does its work, the famous « word of mouth » opens the door to the commercializing of fishing flies. MR. Levasseur becomes L'Ami du Moucheur Inc.

Note : Paulo remains an adviser and must always be well estime from the customer. Since the first time as the last few years, you can meet him and share your stories or even ask him questions every Friday and Saturday at the store on Notre-Dame Ouest.

Martin Levasseur, son – He shows his interest in assisting his father as a part-time employee Il (in 2005). Then he also becomes « quilted » by the habit of sharing and informing custumers, the old one as well as the new one. In 2009, he starts in earnest, here is the manager and chief owner of the company.

Denis Quessy – Denis, our new employe, fly fishermen for many years and customers of L'Ami du Moucheur since his first steps in this sport. He joins team to share what he loves most in the world to do that is to say "Fly Fishing".

Manon Arcand –

Tony Richard – Tony is « the other arm of Martin, » which launches the line to form the next great fisherman. More seriously, he has been there four (4) years and continues to be appreciated for his skills in assembly and repair fishing rod. He is a consultant and trainer equally professional than friendly.

Louise Samson – Like a fish in water, Louise feels at home in the compagny. For the past four (4) years, she is the pro of the inventary. And it's not an easy task and it must take a quick look on the wide range of products offered for years to realize.