You can go straight to the section online store, but for the curious stories of fishing ans family, here are some interesting information

Whether short, medium or long term, the constant goal of L'Ami du Moucheur Inc. is the same : to offer products and services that will satisfy all customers and therefore persuade them to naturally :

  • Trust the company and its employees
  • Return to the company for information and equip
  • Recommend that business to their relatives and friends


The products of the fly fishing offered are so numerous and diversified L'Ami du Moucheur Inc. is definitely known for one of the largest shops in this area of activity in Quebec.
The fulls list and prices of each item appear in the online shop section of this website.

  • Flies / reel / rod / silk to rod
  • Hooks / feathers / hair
  • Fly tying materials / tools and accessories specialist
  • Clothes / books / CDS / videos

Training services

The services offered are specifically for training and practice of fly fishing. The team has three (3) different workshops as interesting and instructive..
Registration (details and pricing) by person (at the store) or by phone or by sending an email.

1.Fly tying

  • Four (4) sessions / One session per week
  • 3 hours per session (evening)
  • Period : early October to late April

2. Fly Fishing

  • Invitation to beginners / Equipment supplied by the company
  • Practical and technical river launch
  • A day / Saturday or Sunday / 8 am to 16 pm
  • Period : late April to early June

3. Launch of 2 handed rods

  • Invitation curious / Also known and know of Spey Casting
  • Technical growing in popularity / Particulary in Scotland, England, Europe and now in Canada ( British Colombia to Quebec)
  • A day / Saturday or Sunday
  • Period : 2nd week of June and / or third week of June

Additionnels services

  • Rapid class assembly of a fly rod – on-site store
  • Ability to practice in the backfield of Commerce of the Notre-Dame-Ouest Street
  • Sale of fishing licenses (sports and salmon)- by the Ministry of Natural Ressources and Wildlife  :
  • Sale of fishing licenses of the wildlife area of Lake Saint-Pierre for fishing on Lake Saint-Pierre.